Slaves of our dreams.

SLAVES OF OUR DREAMS from Eduardo vinuesa on Vimeo.


As gravity keeps us on the ground or as the sun keeps us alive. As we strive to find a road to guide us through. A dream, an aim, a goal. Something to fight for, something that drives us each and every day to take one more step.

But everything slows down, we take care as delicately as when the sea caresses the shore.

Time wont stop for neither anything nor anyone and just as leaves fall or water evaporates, at the end of the day we’re all part of this ephemeral thing that we call life.

Thousands of glances will cross yours, although a few the pupils will remain recorded in your eyes. You will breathe different airs in different times and places, but there will be a few smells that make you go back to an instant.

At some point, the gray hairs or wrinkles will appear. But don’t let that stop you. Growing up is not aging, growing up is learning to make decisions, learning to say goodbye, learning to embrace changes. Growing up, despite everything, is living.

You will talk, you will laugh and you will share things that keep you afloat. When fate persists on pointing you in a different direction, you’ll keep walking, but avoid tiptoeing. Always with strong and firm steps, where the tide wont reach to cover your tracks.

Stop. Think. Breathe. Look back and watch the path you walked.

Stop again. Look at your feet. Look at where you and your limits rest.

We are free until we choose a dream. And at the end, it’s that dream that enslaves us. Shall not the moon be the only defining tide? Shall not the air be the only thing moving heaven and earth.

What do you say… shall we live?


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